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Forget about the complicated design softwares and take advantage of the most powerful digital advertising design platform. As a marketer, you can be in charge of your own advertising needs from generating banners to publishing, any size and anywhere.

The story goes like this - Bob runs a small donut shop and he wants to promote his newly-invented flavors online. But the truth is - there is no formula for Bob to successfully reach customers via digital advertising no matter how great the photos or how much time his team spends on designing yummy looking banners. 

Massimo: Digital advertising today gets an average click-through rate is only 0.17%. Unfortunately, no one can guarantee performance until an ad is published, so here is how I can help - creating different banner variations and allowing you to switch text on the fly, so you can have the highest possibility to win the digital advertising game. 

Massimo: Branding is an important aspect of marketing for brands big or small, as it's the most direct way to build any customer relationships. If you already have an established brand guide, I can help you translate it into your digital advertising strategy. If not, it's no biggie for me to build one for you. 


Bob: Of course I've heard people talk about branding! But I only know what I know and working on keeping my donut shop's Facebook and Instagram page up to date is demanding enough. Sometimes I really question how I can ever compete with those big household brands' fame. 


Bob: There are so many different types of digital ads these days and I keep hearing retargeting ads are the way to go for getting more customers. But to create all these promotional product ads for so many items is really a pain, let along updating the Facebook product catalog so frequently. 


Massimo: I've always been good at producing a ton of images very quickly. Now that we are in the era of retargeting ads, I've even picked up the skill to read and update your product catalogs. So anytime when you think of changing prices, doing new promotions, there will be no need to worry about the manual work!

Massimo:Don't fret, Bob! Designing at scale is one of my specialties. I can automatically generate any digital marketing ads that you need, and all it takes is for you to tell me the name of your donut flavors, along with some yummy images of those donuts!


Bob: It's always been tough for my marketing partners to tackle digital advertising design in so many sizes. They call it resizing - but honestly, every ad format is like its own design! But we don't have time to wait for the designs to happen. I mean these donuts have gotta be sold while they are still good!


Bob: Graphic designers can cost quite a lot, so I don't want to waste it on doing repetitive and tedious digital ad banners. And c'mon isn't it a waste of their creative talents too? Why isn't there a tool that is easy to use and affordable at the same time?

Massimo: Bob is right; not everyone has time to learn new software or ad publishing intricacies. That’s what I'm here for - I can work 24/7, I never have to take breaks and I'm very easy to work with! I think I can even become best friends with your designers!



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